animatelove's commissions

status: OPEN

DO'S: original characters, fanarts, real people
DONT'S: nsfw, hard gore, furry, animals

♥ in every type another character costs +50% of the basic price!
♥ if character has very complicated design, I'll inform you if there's need to pay more!
♥ I can draw max 5 characters in one piece


bust: €12
half body: €15
full body: €20

Flat color

bust: €20
half body: €25
full body: €30

Full shading

bust: €25
half body: €30
full body: €40


price depends from complexity: from €10 for something like the first example
to €30 for full illustration
simple backgrounds (like solid color, gradient, grid etc) are free!

Terms of service

♥ by accepting a commission you are required to accept these terms
my working time is from one to four weeks, i usually work fast but remember that I'm only a human :>
♥ send me references (if you don't have drawings, detailed description with images will be okay) and all needed details (pose, clothes, mood, anything what comes to your mind!)
I start drawing after full payment upfront via PayPal, then i'll send you a sketch to discuss all things you want to change, and later every next step: lineart, flat color, shading etc.
♥ you can pay in USD or GBP, but make sure it's exchanged correctly
♥ you can ask for refund (75% of the price) only on a sketch stage, but there's no refunds if you are not satisfied with final product
♥ I'll send you a final piece in full size by an e-mail, you can use it only for non commercial reasons with proper credit
♥ I retain the right to public finished commission in my portfolio, social media sites etc.


If you're interested, DM me on one of my social media or send me an e-mail :>
[email protected]